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ELLA LUGIN / Digital Artist, Video & Photography

Ella Lugin is an emerging Swiss video artist. She wants to transmit aesthetics that convey beauty and good feelings to people. At the core of her work are centred elements and surprising angles on everyday perspectives. She reinterprets elements of nature and urban life. In her works she tries to depict the energetic aspects from which matter is formed in a poetic way. Ella Lugin breaks our visual habits and linear perspective. She uses digital technology to do this.In the videos' ELEMENTS 'OF NATURE' Ella Lugin wants to symbolize the mysterious energy, the code of life, which is inherent in everything, as the source of all being.

In the videos 'URBAN LIFE and POP', Ella Lugin processes her impressions of everyday life, the fascination of cities, architecture and design objects.

In July 2020 Ella Lugin started in a further creative phase. Inspired by new developments in software for animating videos, the artist succeeds in creating video artworks through which she expresses the philosophical level of her perception. ​The methodical basis of Ella's visual art are self-recorded footage, which are then processed with software programs.


The foundation of her art is found through the study and practice of kundalini yoga, pranayama, classical meditation, the mystical philosophies of every religion and culture, Advaita-Vedanta philosophy, tantric spirituality, Buddhist philosophy and quantum physics. 



The main function of philosophy is to tear down false concepts and traditions,

through the most accurate investigations of the 'essence of things and their insubstantiality'.

"​My Video Art deals with the visualization of life energy as well as transforming the matter into new perspectives. My art consists of the energetic view of life and things, strongly inspired by quantum physical research results and my meditative practice and exploration. I translate this into video art and out of it I create single images that have a unique statement of their own. My interests lie in the beauty and mysteria which is internalized in every material form. My videos and pictures are to understand as a parable and invite viewers to open themselves to new viewing habits. I describe myself as an artist whose deepest understanding of life is based on cross-border thoughts, examinations and philosophies.


I'm inspired by Emma Kunz, Werner Heisenberg, Osho, Niels Bohr, Christian Thomas Kohl, Jiddu Krishnamurti and many more. The new technologies allow me to playfully deal with the abstraction of supposed reality and serve to express my view of the world and society".


After 15 years of fine art painting, in the year 2000 Ella Lugin began to explore digital photography. Ella places the great variety of botany in the center of her work. Her fine art photography work is designed by careful composition of light. She removes flowers, blossoms and botanics from their natural environment to give them a new interpretation on pure aesthetics and meanings.  Ella creates from blossoms and botanical objects, such as woods, mussels and leaves, portraits of noble beauty and sometimes mysterious aura. Under her gaze, architecturally appealing physiques emerge and surrender their unique beauty. In addition sexual power that creates and and also destroyes life is one of the favorite subjects of  Ella Lugin. Her photo and performing art is characterized by aesthetics and sensuality. Flowers, botany and body as well as the tension between man and woman are in focus of her artistic work.

The petal of the poppy plant unfolds a centered lightness in the work 'Mandala', with leaves that move around the middle like waving silk. In the work 'Animus', the 'concentrated masculinity' of the anthurium blossom, literally appears. Or 'Elevin', a delicate interpretation of the dahlia, reminiscent of the energy of a ballet dancer. The dried-up leaf of a tree not named by the artist from Costa Rica works like a wave that dissolves in spray. Woods, shells, blossoms, leaves, any natural elements that can be isolated, attracts the attention of Ella.  Often she finds her objects at the edge of a road. These objects are tiny and easily overlooked by walking by. By focusing on them, they are raised into immediate tangibility.

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