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In 2000, Ella Lugin began to explore digital photography. She takes flowers, blossoms and botanicals out of their natural environment to give them a new interpretation via pure aesthetics and meanings. Through careful lighting, Ella creates floral portraits of noble beauty with a sometimes mysterious aura.


The petal of the poppy plant unfolds a centred lightness in the work 'Mandala', with leaves moving around the centre like waving silk. In the work 'Animus', the 'concentrated masculinity' of the anthurium flower literally makes an appearance. Or 'Elevin', a delicate interpretation of the dahlia that recalls the energy of a ballet dancer. The withered leaf of a tree from Costa Rica, not named by the artist, looks like a wave dissolving into spray.

Woods, shells, blossoms, leaves, all natural elements that can be isolated, attract Ella Lugin's attention. Under her gaze, architecturally charming structures emerge, revealing their unique beauty. Ella often finds her objects on the side of the road. These objects are millimetres in size and are easily overlooked by passers-by. By focusing on them, they are lifted into immediate tangibility.

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